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May 29, 2018

"Wild" Bill Mcdonald wins race #1 i n the ROCKO'S DINER NW Outlaws 2018 five race season.


The sponsor announcement is the biggest announcement of the weekend and the season so far, big racing also took to billing at race one. There were actually nine cars for race one, but two competitors did not compete. John Evans was all ready except for a chassis recert, which he was hoping would happen prior to qualifying. It did not, so he will have to wait until the next race. Dan Provost was going to make qualifying so he could collect 1st round points but he did not make enough test hits in his new big inch Camaro getting it dialed in so he had to back out. Jay Syvertsen was planning on running the JS Powersports Canso along side team mate Steve Horne but Steve's Willys was wounded in qualifying so Steve had to take the reigns on the Canso for the rest of the weekend.

Here are qualifying sheets and elims, will have all the photos and written results later this week.


May 22, 2018


The first race of the season is this weekend. Hopefully the weather stays good and we get a good turnout. Looking forward to the season. We will have a preview posted later in the week.



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The 2018 schedule is below. One of the races will be a double header and it will likely be the Smoke Fire race the end of August (but that is not confirmed)

May 26-27
July 7-8
August 25-26
September 29-30



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