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September 18, 2015

Final points are posted.

September 15, 2015 (qualifying is posted below) Photos to come

A great ending to season five.

Dane Lachelt and the team win their second championship. A well deserved title win as they were the only team to attend all events and got three wins out of four. It is a huge story for the final event that included the largest car count in series history and the series et record by Steve Kendall and his wheelstanding BAD (blown alcohol dragster). The event win was by Mike Peck as he put out a dominating performance with just him and Daughter Natalie working as crew chief. They defeated surprise finailst Luke Balogh in his cool Retro Roadster in the final.



What a great finish to season four with the Summit Custom Brokers NW Outlaws.

The largest field assembled (Thanks to Dane for his hard work recruiting teams) with 13 teams in attendance. It was a tough weekend for a number of teams as racing wound down for the 2015 season. Parts attrition, breakage and wild rides contributed to a few soft/easy races in elimination's.

The driver benefiting most from the events on the weekend was Luke Balogh in his cool blown coupe. He benefited from a late leaving Dan Provost in round one then got a single in round two and a bye run in the semi finals. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

Event qualifying


In round one of qualifying Marty Zazula was having electrical issues and could not make the call. Steve Horne would not arrived until Sunday morning and Alvan Behar left before the tree was activated. That gave 10 teams will numbers to tune or work with heading into round two.

Jim Attewell made the best run of round one, turning in a solid 6.273/203. It was his first run in the dragster after he crashed it in Spokane at the NitroJam back in July. All seemed to work well. Norm Mitchell was along side Attewell and he smoked the tires, pedaled and then it hooked and he went 8.22@198. Dan Provost was out for the first time this year in the RAD Torque Systems blown RED. He ripped off a 6.57/207 to sit #2 after round one.

Mike Peck, two time defending series champion was also out for the first time and he ran a 6.63/210 to qualify in the three hole.

Brent Van Vliet in his twin turbocharged Camaro ran for the first time in the series and he was on a good run until he was off the gas past the stripe. His chutes did not deploy and he shot into the sand trap and right into the catch nets. He tore the first net off and stopped at net #2. The front end of the Camaro suffered body damage but there did not appear to be too much chassis damage.

He ran a strong 7.05/205. He would end up #8 in the field but could not run in elimination's. Hopefully he make quick repairs and gets to run in November at Las Vegas. Quentin Chambers was expected to challenge for the series et record as his car is capable of low 6's or even high 5's. He was on a good run until the two-three shift where his car had trouble.

He coasted through the finish line with a 7.25/120. He too could not make transmission repairs and was done for the weekend. 'Wild' Bill MacDonald ran a 7.89, Luke Balogh went 7.99,

Unfortunately his et was only 8.22 . We set the minimum to run elimination's at 7.99. Alvon Bahar in the cool Reaper blown Altered left too early in round one and did not get a time.

Steve Kendall was along side Behar and he had trouble early in his run and coast through the finish line with an 11 second time slip. Dan Lachelt was beside Balogh but he left early then coast down track and got a 24 second time slip.


Round two.

In the first pair and couple cool short wheelbased blown machines paired up.

Bill Macdonald and Luke Balogh faced off. Macdonald launched with the wheels in the air and ran a 7.71/176 and Balogh slowed a bit from his earlier run with a 8.05.

In the second round the series et record was set on what was an amazing run.

In the second pairing the quickest side by side in series history and the quickest pass occurred.

We are used to Dane running low et in the 6.20's or even a bit quicker a couple times and Steve had the potential to run teens or '0's'. Well Kendall's run was awesome he launched with the wheels up and they stayed 18 inches off the ground for close to 200 feet. When they settled down he was off like a rocket. The scoreboard lit up to a 6.04/228. Awesome!!! Dane was very strong as well, running a 6.20/223.

Norm Mitchell made a few changes to his RED and was against the Reaper Altered. Behar had issues and had to be shut down, and Mitchell again blew the tires off. He coasted to a stop down track. He ended up with rear end and transmission issues as well as rear brake issues. The team tried to make repairs over the next 20 hours but were unable to and they were done for the weekend. Dan Provost was the last one down on the run and he went 6.558 to improve by .02



In round three Mike Peck improved to a 6.552, Dan Provost ran a 6.58 along side Peck.

Luke Balogh improved to a 7.81. He ran along side Marty Zazula who was making his first run.

Marty made it a good one going 6.83/198. Dane and Jim ran side by side, in a outlaw style challenge.

Dane won the battle repeated his earlier 6.20. Jim was close but his et was .10 off his earlier 6.27. Kendall ran Behar in the next pairing and Steve got shut off with a fluid leak. (Filter seal). The Reaper driver was on and off the throttle for the entire run and finally shut off early.

Round three qualifying Saturday

Steve Kendall 6.043/228
Dane Lachelt 6.202/223
Jim Attewell 6.278/207
Dan Provost 6.558/207
Mike Peck 6.633/210
Marty Zazula 5.838/198
Brent Van Vliet 7.055/204
Quentin Chambers 7.252/120
Luke Balogh 7.81/172
Bill MacDonald 7.715/174
Norm Mitchell 8.229/198
Alvan Behar 8??

Sunday morning Steve Horne entered the race but would have only one run to get in the field.

The first pair was Behar and Balogh. Both improved and Balogh ran a career best 7.70. Behar made the seven's despite an on and off the throttle run. He ran a 7.86/184. Peck and Zazula were next. Marty had troubles backing up and was pushed back, we got him back to the starting line but he still felt issues were there so he shut it off.

Mike Peck ran a career best 6.552/209 to move in front of Dan Provost into the #4 spot. The two Steves ran next Kendall in the RED and Horne in the Pro Mod. Kendall launched into a huge wheelstand and had to lift early.

Horne made a nice soft run turning in a 6.611/204. He was in the field in the #6 spot. Attewell and Provost were next and they both made strong runs. Attewell ran a 6.31 and Provost improved and jump back into the #4 spot with a 6.532.

That set final qualifying and elimination's would get underway 85 minutes later.

Final qualifying


The first pair out in round one was Dan Provost and Luke Balogh. Provost was a heavy favorite as his RED was deadly consistent running 6.53-6.58. Balogh had a 3/10ths difference between his slowest and quickest and he has not raced much in competition.

All the stats got thrown out the window as Dan rolled deep (transbrake issues) and then was way late. Balogh was okay on the tree (.080) and held onto the win for a 7.85 (on a 7.70 dial) Provost ran 6.61 on his 6.52 but was .39 on the tree.

Steve Horne was scheduled to race Alvan Behar but Alvan had a seal in motor fail and Horne got the single. He was a 6.422/213 to advance to the 1/4 finals. Steve Kendall was paired with Marty Zazula both did strong burnouts. Marty had to be pushed back to the starting line when the car would not go into reverse. Once pushing back the cars reverser engaged and went back on its own.

Once there he continued with transmission issues and shut off. Kendall with the single wanted to better his career best but he did a big wheelstand again, this one was the highest and the front end came down hard.

Hard enough that there was some front end damage. He got the win but would be unable to make it back for round two.

Mike Peck raced Bill MacDonald in the next paring. Macdonald in the altered got a slight starting line advantage but he took much stripe running a 7.526 on his 7.55 dial handing the win to the two time series champion.

Another single in the next paring as Quentin Chambers could not fix his transmission/clutch issues so Jim Attewell got a single. Jim ripped off a 6.352 on his 6.30 dial.

The last pair was also a single as Brent Van Vliet's brush with the sand trap and catch net caused too much damage to make repairs at the track. Dane Lachelt was the beneficiary and he needed it. That team had motor issues in Saturday's final qualifier. They torched the head and had the piton damage in one hole. the just fired the motor and staged the car.

They quickly got back to the pit area and made a few unorthodox repairs to get ready for round two.

Round two: In round two, Balogh got a single when Kendal could not make the call.

He just took the green and idled down track.
Jim Attewell ran Steve Horne. Steve went in and lit both bulbs and was backed back out he rolled in alongside Attewell but it might have affected his rt as he was way late. Jim was late as well but not as bad.

Both drivers made strong runs but were a tenth off their dials. Horne's rt was too much to overcome, despite running a career best going 6.36/223. but the stripe was Attewell's as his 6.48 gave him a .28 stripe.
In the final paring the wounded Lachelt faced his nemesis Peck. They both had strong rts but Lachelt's seven cylinder beast fell .036 short at the finish line. The car ran way better than the team though as they would have dialed around a 7.0, based on having only seven cylinders working. But they had to dial within 2/10ths of their best run according to the rules.

His 6.649 was .249 off his 6.40 dial. Mike Peck was also well off his dial, as he ran 6.731 on his 6.53 dial.


Semi finals: Balogh had his second single in a row and he did the same as round two, taking the green and idling downtrack.


Peck took on Attewell for the right to run Balogh in the final round.

This one was over at the starting line as Attewell gave up .116 on the starting line. Peck also won the battle of dial-ins as he ran a 6.561 on his 6.53 dial. Attewell ran 6.429 on his 6.35 dial.


Final round: It was a solid 'David vs Goliath" final round as Luke Balogh had the task of taking out Mike Peck.

Both cars did strong burnouts and staged. At the green, Peck had .010 on the tree but did not need any advantage.

Balogh shredded his blower belt 20 feet off the starting line. Mike Peck passed Balogh right at the Christmas tree and eased down track at 3/4 throttle running a 7.04/135 to get the win and the big winner's cheque.



Attewell finished second in the standings based on his final round finish earlier this season and the semi finals here.

August 19, 2015

Race #3 and 4 in the 2015 series have a guaranteed purse thanks to sponsor confirmation.


Purse for each race will be: (4 cars) 1700.00, (5 cars) 1800.00, (6 cars) 1900.00, (7 cars) 2000.00, (8 cars) 2050.00

$1000.00 to win and $500 for runner-up, (except for a 4 car field: $400.00 runner-up) plus semi final payouts for all fields four and over. Also for a six car field and up there is bonus bonus money for #1 qualifier money and top speed.

Make sure you come out and play at the last two events.

Entries confirmed are Steve Kendall, Dane Lachelt, Marty Zazula, Bill MacDonald, Tyson Wells. Possible entrys include Dan Provost, John Evans, Mike Peck, Brent Murray.

July 18, 2015

Points are posted

A huge weekend for Dane Lachelt and the "Way too Much Fun Race team" this past weekend. Dane and the team won at Spokane on Saturday winning the Ironman in the Blown Alcohol Thunder class. The team then drove all night and arrived at Mission in time for the final qualifier (#1) and then winning the race back big wins in less than 24 hours at race tracks 450 miles away.

"Wild" Bill MacDonald is the runner-up in his first ever race with the Outlaw association.


Five cars would be in competition this weekend for race #2 of the 2015 season. Wild Bill MacDonald would be the newest member of the association with his blown small block altered. Tyson Wells would be out of the first time in his blown Hemi Corvette Funny Car and series title sponsor Steve Kendall driving his Summit back Rear Engine dragster would also be out for the first time in a year. He would have his big motor 540cu in all aluminum with a big 14/71 blower on top. The car has potential to be a low six second car.

In round one Just three cars made qualifying attempts. MacDonald ripped off a solid 7.69 to start the session.

Steve Kendall brought the rpm's up then the they dropped as the car had a delay in the box, when it left the starting line he did so at an idle and the car hooked and the wheels came up. It started to move to the left so he had to lift and coast down track.

Tyson Wells had a solid burnout but the car spun on the launch and then he shook the tires hard and he coasted down track. An oil filler cap came off the car and on the top end oil got and on the headers and it started a small fire in the engine area. It was out quickly but there was a bit of damage to the breather tubes and the filler caps.

Round two

Kendall launched with the wheels up again and he did a couple pedals then at 1000 feet he was off the gas. He did get a 8.05 et at 148 mph. MacDonald was loose and ran an 8.28/130. Wells in the Funny Car did not make a run as he had a bit of clean up and repairs. He would be out Sunday morning for the final sessions of qualifying.

Marty Zazula did a strong burnout but at the hit the car moved forward about five feet and that was it. When they got back to the pits they found the transmission had come apart and they would not be able to make the repairs. He was out for the weekend.

Sunday qualifying.

Dane Lachelt arrived Sunday morning and after literally no sleep he ripped off a great 6.233/223 mph to nail down the #1 spot. Steve Kendall wheelstood his dragster again but stayed with it and a couple short pedal jobs and the scoreboard lit up to a 6.37/226mph, top speed of the event.

Tyson Wells ran a soft 7.14/188 and MacDonald improved to a 7.55.

Final qualifying

Only Steve Kendall made the final session but he launched and went left forcing him to get off the gas at 100 feet.

Final qualifying order


With Zazula broke the field was four cars and two rounds of racing.

In Round one Bill MacDonald took on Steve Kendall and Kendall would have to wait just over a second. Bill had a decent rt (.036) and Kendall was .07 back at the hit. This was a good drag race and Kendall did track him down at 1000 feet but his car was on a good pass and he stayed with it through the end of the 1/4 mile. The scoreboard lit up to a 6.273/226 for Kendall and a 7.72/166 for Wild Bill.

Bill gets the win due to the break out by Steve. Kendall did go away happy with a new career best and a motor that was happy. There is a bunch more in the car and he will be a force at the next event.

Dane Lachelt took on Tyson Wells and the race was over on the starting line. Wells went way red while Lachelt was deadly on the tree. A .017 light and an off the gas 6.42/186. Wells smoke the tires and coasted down the track.

Final round.


Could Bill MacDonald win in his first ever Outlaw race? It was not to be as Bill went .036 red handing an easy win to Dane. Back to back wins in the series and two wins on one weekend including the IHRA Nitro Jam in Spokane the day before. A pretty good pay weekend for the lightly funded team.

Dane has a commanding lead in the points standings with two wins in the first two races. Points are posted. The next race is the end of August at Smoke, Fire and Thunder.


June 8, 2015

The purse for the next race (July 10-12) based on 5 cars is $1800.00

1000.00 to win 500.00 for runner-up and 250.00 for the semi finalist. 50.00 for the low qualifier. If there are six cars the purse is the same and there is 50.00 for top speed of the weekend, and 50.00 for the quickest et for the weekend.

If there are 7 cars the purse is the same for winner and runner-up. semi finalists (2) get 250.00 each and there is 50.00 for #1 qualifier.

If there are 8 cars the purse is the same for winner and runner-up and semi finalists. 100.00 #1 qualifier, 50.00 for top speed and 25.00 for quickest et., or first round losers receive 50.00 each and the only bonus is 25.00 low #1 qualifier.

If only 4 cars then the purse is $1200.00.

600.00 to win, 300.00 runner-up and 150.00 for each semi finalist.

June 6 , 2015

Race one in the four race NW Outlaw season was completed ten days ago under sunny skies at the Eagle Motorplex.

While the car count was not the numbers we were hoping for, as only three cars made the trip tot he desert facility. The quality of cars was strong and past series champion Dane Lachelt and series original member Marty Zazula were BC competitors. First time competitor Jim Attewell was the third racer on the weekend. It would be awesome if Attewell would make most of the series as he has one back hot rod. He ran consistent 6.30's all weekend long and would likely be a 6 teen player as Mission Raceway. Qualifying got under way with just Lachelt and Attwell making a run.

In that first qualifier Attewell ripped off a 6.38 at 211 mph. Dane ran a 6.85

In round two Zazula's still could not make the call so the two first round racers made a hit each again. Attwell was soft off the line and ran a 6.60/ 211 and Lachelt ran 6.68/210 mph

The final session saw all three cars make runs. Zazula got on the board running an easy 7.05/195 and Attwell ripped off a 6.34 at 211. Dane ran his quickest pass of the day, a 6.58. He was also the fastest of the day running 214 mph.

Sunday morning the teams had one more qualifier and Zazula improved to a 6.95

Final qualifying

Jim Attewell Calgary Alberta 6.34/211mph
Dane Lachelt Kelowna BC 6.58/214mph
Marty Zazula Surrey BC 6.95/198mph


In Round one, Attewell had a bye and ran 6.43/211 on his 6.30 dial. Dane Lachelt defeated Marty Zazula with a 6.59/211 on his 6.51 dial. Zazula dialed a 6.93 and ran a 6.95/196.33

In the final round Dane got a huge holeshot and cruised to a 6.623/201 victory. Attewell was close to his 6.35 dial running a 6.361/212 on a 6.35 dial in but was late on the tree.


Dane goes into the next race at Mission with the points lead. A few teams may head to Spokane on the next race weekend (July 10-12) for the IHRA Nitro jam, but we expect a number of teams from the coast to run on that weekend. Thanks to Summit Custom Brokers and RAD Torque systems for their support and sponsorship.

The purse for the next race based on 5 cars is #1800.00

1000.00 to win 500.00 for runner-up and 250.00 for the semi finalist. 50.00 for the low qualifier. If there are six cars the purse is the same and there is 50.00 for top speed of the weekend, and 50.00 for the quickest et for the weekend.

If there are 7 cars the purse is the same for winner and runner-up. semi finalists (2) get 250.00 each and there is 50.00 for #1 qualifier.

If there are 8 cars the purse is the same for winner and runner-up and semi finalists. 100.00 #1 qualifier, 50.00 for top speed and 25.00 for quickest et., or first round losers receive 50.00 each and the only bonus is 25.00 low #1 qualifier.

If only 4 cars then the purse is $1200.00.

600.00 to win, 300.00 runner-up and 150.00 for each semi finalist.


April 26, 2015

Due to Mission Raceway repairs to start the season out first event May 9-10 has been canceled. We are looking at other dates, but that may be tough. Our Ashcroft date will be our season opener. I will have more info at the event (just five weeks away) or earleir if we will be adding another date. I would like to know for sure the teams who will be attending this year.

A huge positive as the series enters its fourth season is the purse for winner and runner-up will be guaranteed. It will be a minimum of $1000.00 to win and $$400.00 (probably $500.00) for runner-up, if we get 5 cars or more. The season points fund will be a minimum of $1000.00. These purses are thanks to our title sponsor Summit Custom Brokers and newest sponsor RAD Torque Systems.


The 2015 season will see the addition of a new major Sponsor. RAD Torque Systems has come on board as a major associate sponsor. Payout will be guaranteed for all five races for the 2015 season, with a minimum of $800.00 to win. We expect the minimum payout to actually end up being $1,000.00 to win, once all sponsors are confirmed and entries for every event as well. We will allow one race to be waivable this year, but the Ashcroft race is not waivable, meaning if you don't attend Ashcroft May 30-31 then your point total will be a 0 for that race. If you attend that race you will receive the points you earned for that race and one Mission event is allowed to be missed with out costing you any points.

Race Entry fees will not change for 2015. There is a gate fee at Mission. Race entry is 100.00 per race and membership has dropped to 125.00 per year.

We may have bonus points if you attend all 5 events. That will be talked about at the first race.

Qualifying scenerios will be based on NHRA rules which state is you make a qualifying attempt and it is good enough based on minimum requirement of the class (7.30 for Mission and 7.50 for Ashcroft) but break in qualifying, you will remain on the ladder and earn first round points and round one money if there is money for that round.

Dane has suggested we have a Top Ten list. This is okay but will be done independently of the class. If racers want to participate in the "Top Ten List" we will do it during qualifying sessions or test sessions with both participants agreeing. Dane will lay it out for you. The results will be tabulated by Dane and he will forward them off to me and will be posted on its own web page here.

In order to be a member of the top ten list you must be a NW Outlaw club member. According to Dane there will be a trophy at the end of the year with all on the list on the trophy.

February 8, 2015

2015 Schedule

May 9-10 Mission Raceway

May 30-31 Eagle Motorplex

July 11-12 Mission Raceway

Aug 29-30 Mission Raceway

Sept 12-13 Mission Raceway

Sept 26-27 (Rain Date)

More info as well as final photos from the last race in 2014 in the next two days.




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