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May 22, 2018


The first race of the season is this weekend. Hopefully the weather styas good and we get a good turnout. Looking forward to the season. We will have a preview posted later in the week.


December 2017

The 2018 schedule is below. One of the races will be a double header and it will likely be the Smoke Fire race the end of August (but that is not confirmed)

May 26-27
July 7-8
August 25-26
September 29-30


November 2017

The final results for the 2017 season Saw Dane lachelt win every race but one. The final race of the year saw Rob Phippen win. He defeated a red lighting Dane Lachelt.

Series champion Dane Lachelt went to every final round this year only losing one.

The final race winner was Rob Phippen. It was also his racing debut.


Final qualfying


September 8, 2017

A double header NW Outlaws Season Finale is up this weekend. The double header includes the 1st Annual Tony Krause Memorial race. Tony was a long time photographer primarily in Ashcroft and Kelowna but he was a big fan of the Outlaw group. That race will be held on Saturday and then a BBQ Saturday night. Then the final race of the year on Sunday.

September 5, 2017

Another race and another win for Dane "Superman" Lachelt. He is undefeated this year with the Outlaws.

Full results Friday night.

June 13, 2017

Dane starts the season off with a win.



Only one run in qualifying due to the bad weather Saturday and a crash on Sunday.

Only Bill MacDonald got down the track in the only run. He went his usual mid seven. Dane was off the gas early as was Greg Maclean who was back for the first time in a couple years. He has a new bullet in the altered in hopes of mid 6's or quicker.

Bill MacDonald Altered 7.47
Dane Lachelt Dragster coasting
Greg MacLean Altered coasting
John Evans did not run.



Round one

Greg had issues again in round one. He has a new powerplant in the car which makes way more power and managing it is a big task.

Bill went right down the track and won with a 7.53 and was going to the final

Dane took on John Evans who was struggling with Transmission issues. John left before the tree was activated while Dane was loose and headed toward the wall. He had a few issues and had to thrash in the pits before the final. Without a represetative run on the weekend he would be going to the final blind.

Dane and the 'Just for Fun' racing team got their car ready for the final but also were going in blind as they had no full run. He dialed a conservative 6.50 While Bill dialed a 7.40. Dane had a slight starting line advantage (.023) and won the race passing Bill around 900 feet. He ran a very good 6.55 at 191 to defeat Wild Bill's 7.498/176.


April 26, 2017

We are just 10 days away from race one in the seventh season for the NW Outlaws. There are a few new cars coming out in the series according to rumour and a racer or two returning after a year or two away from the series. Leo Grocock and son in law Rob Phippen will be debuting a new ride this year. This is a car that hasn't been down the track in over seven years.

Ken Rempel debuted this car over 15 years ago and ran in TAD for a few seasons. Unfortunately Ken died a few years ago.

But his wife Georgia kept the car in hopes someone local may buy it and bring it back out. Leo had been a crew guy for Ken and it is fitting he is the one who now has the car. It was the last or one of the last cars Bob Meyer ever built for TAD competition and it was state of the art and still is state of the art. It has very few runs on the car and almost looks brand new. Steve Horne will run the series in his blown Willy's Pro Mod. Rumor has it that Dave O'Hara may bring out his blown altered as well.


Dan Provost has new power in his Top Dragster. The power in the car is approaching 2000hp and is capable of low 6's. Of course Dane Lachelt and the Just for Fun team will be returning as well as Marty Zazula, John Evans, and defending champion Quentin Chambers and his brother Kevin. Wild Bill Macdonald should be returning as well, hopefully running low 7's this year. Norm Mitchell is expected to compete and challenge for the title as well. Will we a few part timers return this year? Steve Kendall and Jim Attwell hopefully make a few stops.


April 9, 2017

The first race is only 5 weeks away. May 13-14 will be race #1.

The September 9-10 race will be a double header making a total of a 6 race schedule.


December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays


We have a tentative schedule for the 2017 season.

May 13-14
June 17-18
July 8-9
September 9-10

I would like to have one race as a double header. I would like input from the racers. My preferance is the July date or the September finale date. What do you guys think? Email me from this link. Contact series organizer .



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