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Final points are posted.

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December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

December 5, 2011

Hope everyone is having a good winter so far. I can't wait for the season to get started already. Word has it a couple new cars already are being put together, including a couple blown doorcars, an altered and possibly two TAD's. We are working on the schedule already and should have four - five events in 2012.

Check back for more info early in the new year.


October 10, 2011

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I had to get this story right.

Before I start on the story We must thank Mike Krebs from Washington, he is a new sponsor for the series and will also be featured on SpeedZone Magazine. Mike is a fabricator and built Mike Peck's bitchin FED. He is getting his chassis and tin shop up and running. He is still working on the name of the business, but is thinking along the lins of Tubes and Tin Fabricating. Mike Peck and Michael's Automitve is also a sponsor for the final race. Special thanks go out to Tony Krause for his support of the NW Outlaws as well. Without these guys as well as Summit Brokers and the Eagle Motorplex and Mission Raceway this new deal would not happen.

It was an emotional final and a very emotional winners circle and championship photo shoot, as all gathered around Gary Hough's spouse Clara Weber and series champion Michael Peck. Series title sponsor Steve Kendall and Summit Custom Brokers won the final race and ended up in second place in the standing's just ahead of Dane Lachelt.

With this the final event of the year postponed two weeks in respect for our fallen friend Gary Hough, the thought process was would the event get completed due to unsettled weather a this time of the year. With a not so favorable forecast the teams had to hope they would get a break and crown a champion based on a full schedule and not awarding the championship after a rain out.

The final race of the year was sponsored in part by Mike Krebs Fabricating, Michael's Automotive and Tony Krause.

Saturday the weather was threatening all day, but the rain had stopped early in the morning and with a relatively clear window from 11:00am until around 3:00pm, the plan was to get in two qualifiers and hope for the best on Sunday (Sunday's forecast was more favorable).

The Outlaws first qualifier was around 2:00pm and Marty Zazula led with a great 6.67/207mph. Mike Peck was #2 with a 6.70/205mph. Dane Lachelt had a great launch but the wheels were in the air and the car was drifting left. Dane stayed with it as long as he could, but he was forced to lift and he coasted down with a 9 second time slip.

Newcomer Steve Horne was paired up with series sponsor Steve Kendall. Kendall was forced to put in his second bullet due to wounding his 6.50 motor. He would not get many qualifying points which potentially could play a role in the title. Both cars ran decent passes, Horne ripping of a pedaling 7.38 at a booming 197mph. Kendall went 7.54/180mph.

The second round at 3:30pm saw four of the cars line up but only two got in a run. Dane Lachelt ran Marty Zazula as first pair and Dane laid down a great career best 6.34/217 to sit #1. Zazula went 6.67 again which put the NitroLube team in a solid consistent spot in the field. Just as Mike Peck and Steve Kendall were set to roll in a shower hit the track and the starter shut down the two cars. They waited about 15 minutes but the rain got harder and the track was just too cool to dry even if the rain did stop. The call to end the day came (right when the rain was due to arrive).

The decision was made that if the weather looked favorable the second session, with three cars left in it would get completed at 11:00am and then a final third round of qualifying would be run at 12:30 PM.

After the day was called the whole group got together for a year end BBQ and it was a great time. Big steaks, four different salads, some smoked Salmon, Ribs and Franks for appys. There was a lot of food!

After it was a long bench racing session and a great fire and a few beverages with most reminising on entertaining stories about Gary. What a great night!

Sunday went according to plan, as the weather was great, and the day went without a hitch until the final... read it all, and you will find out what I am talking about.

Qualifying went smooth Sunday and two cars improved, one of them on both runs. Kendall went 7.51 on his second run, and then in the final session, Mike Peck ran his first ever 6.5 pass, a great 6.59/208 that vaulted him to the #2 spot, ahead of Zazula. Kendall improved again with a 7.39. It did not change his position, but gave him more data for a round one dial-in.

Here is final qualifying.

Dane Lachelt Kelowna BC RED 6.34/217 mph
Mike Peck Woodinville Wash FED 6.59/208 mph
Marty Zazula Surrey BC RED 6.67/207 mph
Steve Horne Surrey BC 67 Canso 7.38/197 mph
Steve Kendall Penticton BC RED 7.39 /188 mph

Round one pairings were Dane Lachelt (single), Mike Peck vs Steve Horne and Marty Zazula Vs Steve Kendall.

Before the cars went out for round one, all the teams did a drive-by and a minute of silence in honor of Gary Hough. All of Gary's friends and team-mates who came out for the weekend (and there was a bunch of them) lined up along side Clara at the starting line. It was a very moving and touching five minutes.

The cars all came back up to the staging lanes and were ready for the final eliminations at the final race of the year.

Dane ran a solid 6.3 pass turning on the scoreboards to a 6.38@216mph on his single. The newcomer Steve Horne had the chance to be a hero to the other guys left in the points battle if he could take out Mike Peck. It was a daunting task, as Mike has been dialed in on the starting line and on his numbers. Horne had his most optimistic ET on his window for the run, as he was hopeful for a 6 second pass. The car has the potential, it just has to have the right starting line set up.

There was a bit of drama though, as Mike Peck struggled on his burnout and backed up quick and redid it. The second one was good, and he got back and got ready to stage without any unnecessary delays for Horne.

Neither driver had a great light though, but Peck did have .03 to play with. He caught the blown small block doorcar by 800 feet and then eased off the gas pedal and went through the finish line at half throttle to the tune of a 6.70/175. Horne went a 7.25@191, but his pedal job at the 1-2 shift keep the cool Canso from its first ever six second time slip.

That basically wrapped up the title for Mike Peck and it was cool to see a front engined car with a clutch and Lenco get the championship in the inaugural year.

Steve Kendall did his job in his pairing with Marty Zazula as he ran right on his 7.39 dial in. He also had .037 at the tree giving him a close 6 foot stripe over a game 6.66 (on a 6.65 dial) by the 'Z' man. In the semis, the new champ had the single and he just took the green to save parts for the final.

The other pairing was now a battle for #2 in the standings. Kendall vs Lachelt. This one was a great race for the first 800 feet. The young gun, Lachelt had .032 on the starting line and was on his way to catching Kendall but the car shook the tires and he had to pedal the digger. That was all Kendall needed to take a .07 finish line stripe. Kendall almost nailed his number again, running 7.397 (two in a row) on his 7.38 dial in. A note on Steve's consistent laps throughout the weekend, was the fact that Gary's good friend Mike Schewe was giving Steve a hand to tune the car, and between them they had it dialed in.

Lachelt slowed just over a tenth to a 6.50 on his 6.38 number.

The final round should have been a great one as the two drivers were both on their game and had very consistent cars. They did their burnouts and both cars got prestaged, before rolling in, Parker Peck (Mike's youngest son) noticed an issue witht he throttle cable and tried to fix it. As he was making an atttempt, Kendall did not see what was going on and staged his car. That started the autostart timing. Parker was getting waved away by the starter and Mike himself, but by the time he moved away and Mike started rolling in, the timing trigger the red light on Mike's side, handing the automatic win to Kendall. Steve was a bit confused by the red light and was late leaving the starting line but it did not matter as he got the automatic win. Steve pedaled the car once then hit the loud pedal again and motored on down with an 8.0 @ 179 mph.

A weird finish for sure, but it did not decide the championship or a spot in the standings, which was a good thing.

Mike Peck gets the title by two rounds and two qualifying points. Steve Kendall finished second just over a round and a half ahead of Dane Lachelt.

It was an emotional final day of the inaugural season, but also a weekend where optimism was in the air. Three or four racers showed extreme interest in the series and 2012 bodes well.

Clara presented Mike Peck with the awesome series championship trophy and then Mike Peck gave an emotional speech handing the trophy back to Clara saying for this year the trophy would go on her mantle in Gary's honor. Peck stated that "Gary was a real champion" and deserved the honor. It was very touching and the cheers were overwhelming.

I for one can't wait for 2012!

A few more photos

Parker Peck (Mike's son) got licensed in the family Super Comp dragster, he ran a number of 8 second ET's and had .01 lights. Good Job Parker!



Steve Kendall won the battle Sunday but Michael Peck won the war. It was a wild final round as Mike Peck had a technical isseu with the car and just as he was rolling foward he got timed out, handing the win to Steve Kendall.

Clara Weber (Gary Hough's spouse) along with Leon Aines and many of Gary's friends awarded Peck with the series title trophy.

Points are posted. The full results and photos will be up over the next four or five days.

September 13, 2011

HOUGH, Gary Wayne passed away doing what he loved best, drag racing, on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at the age of 66. Survived by his loving wife Clara; son Garry (Tammy); daughters Amy, Sheena (Alex), Crystal (Corey); one grandson William and another expected grandchild; brothers Len (Gerry) and Vern; sister Sharon (James); nieces Leanne and Marie and nephew Stan. Memorial service will be held on Friday, September 16th at 1:00 pm at Springfield Funeral Home on, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC. Cremation. Interment at a later date. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, 250-860-7077.


Out of respect to the Hough family this weekend's race has been postponed until October 1-2 at Mission Raceway. We will post the Memorial service when it is announced.

A tribute page for Gary is now posted on the here. If you have any photos or thoughts on Gary's great racing adventures send them to us and we will post them.

September 10, 1011

The drag racing world lost a great one today..........

RIP Gary Hough... we will miss you!

Absolutely the worst news in the world of drag racing here in the NW, and for all the fans of the new NW Outlaws racing series. Our friend and member Gary Hough was killed today in a top end accident in his new FED at Thunder Mountain Raceway in Kelowna BC. Gary was testing in preparation for the season finale at Mission next weekend, when he went off the end of the 1/8th mile facility. It was a high speed crash as the car did not appear to slow down at the end of the run and the chutes did not deploy. More info when we hear it. The NW Outlaw family want to extend their deepest condolences for Gary's wife (Clara) and daughter. Us at SpeedZone Magazine are devastated by this.

August 26, 2011

Points are posted.

Mike Peck takes a commanding lead in the point standings with his second win of the year and it was a big one. $2250.00 for the win as well as the 93 points. He now has a 55 point lead in the standings heading into the final race of the year.

Very hot conditions greeted the teams last weekend at the Eagle Motorplex for the Thunder in the Desert event. The Ashcroft track certainly showed its geographic area as the mercury rose to well over 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit). The track prep was very good though considering the temperatures.

The plan was to run three qualifying sessions Saturday night under the lights, but two long cleanup sessions gave the Outlaws only two rounds Saturday night. The first round saw Brent Murray, Dane Lachelt and Steve Kendall run between 6.54 and 6.61. Mike Peck went 6.89 and Marty Zazula rounded out the six second cars with a 6.97. Gary Hough still struggled with the injected nitro digger.

Round two saw Brent Murray go to the top with a 6.50. Lachelt went 6.58 in the round. No other cars made a solid lap as it was real dark, Peck and Kendall got loose and Marty Zazula shredded a blower belt as soon as he hit the throttle on the burnout.

Sunday morning In way cooler conditions, Lachelt stepped up to a 6.43, Kendall went 6.54 and Peck went 6.81. Zazula suffered breakage Saturday night and could not make the final session and was out for eliminations. Brent Murray opted out of the final session to save parts for eliminations and Gary Hough did not get his fuel system sorted out until first round.

Final qualifying

Dane Lachelt Kelowna BC 2001 Lacelt RED 6.43/216.08
Brent Murray Naniamo BC 1996 S&P RED 6.50/212.61
Steve Kendall Penticton BC 2010 Spitzer RED 6.54/207.37
Michael Peck Woodinville Wa 2007 DRC FED 6.81/202.20
Marty Zazula Surrey BC 2000 SSM RED 6.97/197.54
Gary Hough 2011RH Race Cars FED 10.037/148.90


In the round one pairings we had #1 qualifier Dane Lachelt take on #4 Mike Peck, and this one was huge. The point's battle implications were evident as they were #1 and #2 in the standings and the winner of the round would have a bye to the final and the lead going into the final race of the year.

Mike was dialed a 6.81 and Dane had a 6.48 as his number. Dane got a .035 holeshot and looked to be on a solid pass until around 400 feet when the car nosed over a bit. It fell off by about a half tenth at half track, and Dane could only look ahead and see the finish line coming up without his dragster catching the FED in the other lane. The win for Peck and the point lead. A real tough blow to the Kelowna team nicknamed the "Thrillbillies", but you know they will come loaded for bear at the Mission event in four weeks.

Brent Murray took on Marty Zazula, or was scheduled to race Marty. The Surrey team had blower mount issues and they could not get it fixed for round one and Brent had a single. He dialed in a 6.40 and just took the green, saving parts for the semi finals. In the semis he would race Steve Kendall who defeated Gary Hough.

Hough got his car close to sorted out, and he ran with 65% nitro in the tank and went 170 mph. His 8.23 with the direct drive FED was well off his 7.49 dial in. Kendall went 6.54 on his 6.40 dial in.

In the Semis, Mike Peck got the single and just took the green light. Murray and Kendall had a great race, with Steve getting a huge .089 holeshot, but rattling the tires on his 6.50 dial. Brent dialed in a 6.40 and was on a great run. Hitting the shift points on time he caught the Summit dragster at 1000 feet for a 6/100ths victory.

The final was set and for the first time in the series we had an all Clutch car final round. The new point leader Mike Peck taking on Brent Murray, who wanted to move up to second in the standings as a win for the Vancouver Island driver would put him into second by one point.

It was not to be though as Mike Peck strapped a .043 holeshot on Murray and just held off the hard charging Hemi powered RED. Mike went 6.906 on his 6.82 dial and Murray went 6.465 on his 6.40. The margin of victory was a five foot (.022) spread at the finish line.

The final event is September 17-18 at Mission and if it is a four round race the series champion will not be determined until the second round. If it is a three round race it could be all over after round one. One team (Mike Peck) needs a couple rounds, while three drivers, Murray, Lachelt and Kendall all have to hope for help and a final round finish.

Points are posted.

August 15, 2011

Only four days until the biggest event this season for the Outlaws. A $5,000 purse thanks to Summit Custom Brokers and the Eagle Motorplex. A minimum $2,000 to win and $1,200 for R/U. The assoc is putting on a BBQ as well, so make sure your team comes hungry. Qualifying starts around 5pm Saturday night and there is 3 rounds Saturday and one on Sunday. Teams expected so far includse Point leader Dane Lachelt 2nd place Mike Peck, third place Steve Kendall, Marty Zazula, Brent Murray, Gary Hough, Troy Clayton plus a few new comers. Let us know if you are planning to attend, so we can put you on the list for the BBQ and at the front gate as the Car and Driver get in free. The series pays for the top five in the final standings at the end of the year. Our final event is in Mission the Sept 17-18 weekend and a good result in the final two races by your team could put you in the top five. What are you waiting for... come on out!!

July 15, 2011

Results are posted. (Qualifying photos as well). Elimination photos will be posted Friday evening.

July 13, 2011

Qualifying results are posted. The rest of the story Wednesday evening and photos as well.


July 12, 2011

Steve Kendall gets the win in race #2 as his ducks are in a row with the new Spitzer Dragster. Dane Lachelt goes to his second final in a row and take a small point lead over Mike Peck. Two races left and the top three drivers are one round apart. The full results Tuesday evening. Points are posted.

July 7, 2011

This weekend at the Plex is our second race of the year. This is a big weekend as the Ashcroft tracks celebrates their annual Christmas in July event. The Outlaw Doorslammers are running as well. A preview Thursday Night

June 9, 2011

The race one story is posted.

Points are posted.

June 6, 2011

Mike Peck wins the inaugural race in the Summit Brokers NW Outlaw series. Results are here.


The newest series for fast race cars in the North West. If you have a power adder and run fast come on out a play. Nitrous, Nitro (ya baby), Blowers and Turbos. No Nitrous powered dragsters.

Dragsters, (front and rear), Altereds, Doorcars, Pro Mods, Funny Cars, Bantams. You got it bring it!

For 2011 we have four events. Two in Mission and two at the newly paved and renovated Eagle Motoplex. Mission is the 9 time NHRA track of the year and the Eagle Motorplex is the longest continuous running track in British Columbia. It was re-surfaced this spring and has always been known at a track that hooks hard on the starting line.

We are proud to announce a title sponsor for the inaugural season. Summit Custom Brokers. A British Columbia wide brokerage firm servicing all aspects of cross border business. SpeedZone Magazine is the official media contact for the series.

If your company is interested in sponsoring the series contact us here.

The first season will be a learning curve for the racers and the administration and we as a group are open to all ideas to make this the best fast series we can be.

Go here the schedule.

Go here for the teams (so far).

Go here for the rules.


















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