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NW Outlaw rules

For 2012 7.25 minimum et

All Dragsters, Altereds, Funny Cars, and Doorcars have their own IHRA and NHRA rules as per their designation.

NHRA Advanced Et safety rules at Mission Raceway

IHRA Safety rules at Eagle Motorplex

Oil retention device mandatory

Basic advanced et rules

Tree: 4/10ths pro

Three or four qualifiers (depending on event). Two or three qualifiers Saturday one Sunday

No Throttle stops

Sportsman ladder

Example: 8 car field. 1vs 5, 2 vs 8, 3 vs 7, 4 vs 8.

Courtesy staging

Electronics allowed

Deep Staging allowed

Dial In can not be changed once a car moves forward as the next pair to race.

Must dial no more than 2/10ths slower than quickest et (up to determined minimum for that race).

You may dial as quick as you want (up to car certification).

Nitrous Doorcars are allowed but no Nitrous RED's.

Any form of Blower race car and Turbo car. Injected Nitro of any type, Blown Nitro must not be more than 50%.

Extra runs are allowed (during licensing and test sessions) but they won't count for qualifying.

Entry fee: $100.00 per event (100% back to the racers)

Membership $150.00 per year. That covers all web costs, misc costs and adds to pot when races are short of entries.

Members recieve 100% of race payout and collect points.

Non Members recieve no points and 60% of payout.

In the event of a rainout, the race will be completed at the next event during Saturday's qualifying.

A complete rain out may be run at the next event depending on membership decision.


All rules are subject to membership votes.






Race Track official has final say on run issues.

More to come.




















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